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Stoke on Trent counselling mental health Steve Mills counsellor
Stoke on Trent counselling counsellor mental health
Stoke on trent counselling counsellor mental health



Thank you for taking the time to find your way to my webpage.

I do understand that reaching out and asking for help can be a daunting, unsettling prospect. Taking those first steps to find the right person to work with is a really brave and important decision to make.

Take a look around. Take as much time as you need to consider whether the helping relationship that I can offer, is for you. If the information you need cannot be found, I will be happy to answer any questions that might be surfacing from within you now. I can clarify, with you, any of the information here and provide you with a more in depth explanation if needed. Please use the "work with me" tab to get in touch.


Us humans don’t have to struggle on our own, we were never meant to...



I am a naturally calm, empathic and whole-hearted individual that deeply cares about people from all backgrounds. When being with you, I am grounded in a humanistic, person-centred approach. I hold the belief that it is you, the client, that is the expert on their own life. You have the innate power within you to activate healing and growth. My offer to you is a safe environment that helps you to feel secure enough to build trust in the therapeutic relationship that we will create together. From this place of trust, your thoughts, feelings and emotions can be seen, heard and explored. I hope to always treat you with dignity and respect, listen to you without judgement and provide you with an empowering reflective space where we can work together on exploring whatever you choose to bring to a session. I will support you, as you arrive at your own understanding of what might be going on for you.

My training in integrative counselling can provide opportunities to blend in other effective approaches that may suit your unique individual needs. Such as, an attachment-based approach that can facilitate exploration of your emotional connections within intimate relationships.

Informed by my years of counselling experience, ongoing professional and personal development, I continuously adapt my approach to ensure that I can work safely and competently with humans who's lives have been restricted/impacted by trauma, domestic violence and/or abuse.

However, I will remain open minded and curious as evidence suggests that the most important factor for successful counselling is the connection between us.

We meet as two human beings...


I am a fully qualified and accredited Psychotherapeutic counsellor registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP). I completed my professional training in 2020. I achieved a BACP accredited Professional Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counselling at Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent. I actively engage in ongoing professional development training to ensure my practice is safe, ethical and professional. I hold professional indemnity insurance and my work is supervised by two BACP approved supervisors.

I continue to work therapeutically across private, charitable and voluntary sectors with clients that have been affected by trauma, domestic violence and sexual abuse. I hold an extensive professional work history spanning 11 years in supporting vulnerable people therapeutically with their mental health and wellbeing recovery.

My most recent professional learning/development training-

  1. The Pleasing to Fawning Continuum when Relationships are Threatening- Kate Williams

  2. Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Inquiry in Action: An Experiential Course for the Healing of Deep Traumatic Wounds.

  3. Psychology at the heart of social change - Mick Cooper

  4. Working with Shame- Carolyn Spring 


I can offer a free 30 minute conversation, for us to discuss if a psychotherapeutic relationship would meet your wants and needs at this time. Following this, our first session would focus on confidentiality and coming to an agreement for how we will work together.

I can offer face-to-face sessions from “The Therapy Quarters” counselling service in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Stoke-on-Trent. Please see the following link to take a look at the counselling rooms and to see what you can expect when you arrive: There is disabled access to the service via a ramp on the ground floor and accessible toilet facilities. 

I can offer you counselling sessions online and over the phone. You may feel that these ways of working together can provide you with flexible choices, further anonymity, comfort and privacy, without the pressure of physically travelling to the counselling service.


The session fee is offered on a sliding scale from £50 to £60. Each session is for a duration of 50 minutes. You can choose a rate that best suits your financial circumstances.

Please check out my counselling directory page here and my BACP listing here for further details on areas I can help with.

If you would like to know a little bit more about me and the way that I work, take a moment here-


Some common results you might attain from a counselling relationship

Every client will come to a counselling session with a unique story that is personal to them. Each person's experience will contain different results. Here are a few common results that might be attained:

  • Freer expression of thoughts, feelings and emotions with added clarity

  • A greater sense of trust and connection within yourself and with others

  • An emotional heaviness can feel much lighter 

  • A felt sense of moving through the world in a more calm and centred way

  • A lessening of the impact of mental health issues such as self-esteem, depression and anxiety

  • Improved confidence to set own boundaries and to say “no” more often

  • Self-care becomes a priority 

  • New discoveries about yourself are made

"Steve gave me a safe and welcoming space where I learned how to view myself compassionately and without judgement. He was by my side every step of the way with care and concern for my experience. I gained a valuable understanding of myself and through this process am able to appreciate and like myself for the first time. I highly recommend Steve". 

- Emma

Work With Me


I' am open to any queries you may have about the counselling service that I can offer you and how this might be of help to you now.

Please complete the contact form and I will aim to reply within 48 hours.

Thank you.




Steve Mills Counselling and Psychotherapy

The Therapy Quarters, Unit 16, The Barracks,
Barracks Road, N
Staffordshire, ST5 1LG.



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Stoke on Trent counsellor counselling mental health
Stoke on Trent counselling counsellor mental health
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